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Worship Service: 10:30 am

Sunday School: 9:30 am


Welcome to Maple Grove Mennonite Church

The Maple Grove Mennonite Church is located in Belleville, PA in the heart of the Kishacoquillas Valley. The congregation began in 1868 as a progressive split from the Amish under the leadership of Bishop Solomon Beiler. Over the years, Maple Grove has been affiliated with Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference, the Ohio Mennonite Conference, and in 1944, joined what is now Allegheny Mennonite Conference. The church maintained its progressive nature by organizing a Sunday School as early as 1871; a church constitution established in the late 1920's; a strong music ministry in the 30's; a radio ministry in the late 40's and a membership that included many in professions other than farming. The congregation also has a long history of mission activity abroad; local outreach including helping to start what is now the Barrville Mennonite Church; a ladies sewing group; and youth fellowship activities. The original church structure was used from 1866-1956. The current church building was dedicated in June of 1956 with an education and fellowship addition completed in 1991. Membership rose steadily from 124 in 1912 to it's zenith of 338 in 1984. It currently stands at 287 in 2005.

The staff at Maple Grove is:
Alan Kauffman - Pastor
Herb Zook - Associate Pastor
JoAnn Byler - Administrative Assistant